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Song Name: Struggling in the Mountains of Worldly Desires

Official Name: Pilgrim’s Progress

Author: Parivadi Dasa

Book Name: None

Language: English




Struggling in the mountains of worldly desires

Falling in the caves of lost consciousness

Stumbling through the darkness of pain and illusion

Burning through the desert of our own selfishness



Deep in the jungle of anger of envy

Coming through of swaps of casualness

Devoured by the fire of lust that surrounds us

Here is the mist devoid of happiness



On and on and on and on,

We are trying to reach you, Lord.

Seeking a taste of your ocean of happiness

Reaching to the light that is breaking through the darkness

Trying to escape from the world of birth and death



Drowned by desires for profit and exclusion

Crowned by with thorns of adoration’s quest

Haunted by the ghost of merging in the oneness

Swallowed by the serpent of sleep and ignorance



Cooling the fires with rainfalls of mercy

Prabhupada has come to lead us back home

Dancing on the path of Nectar of Devotion

Seeds for love of Krsna in our hearts are sown



This song is popularized by the 1983 album “Ancient Hymns” released by Golden Avatara Productions and rendered by the late Parivadi Dasa.


UPDATED: July 10, 2009