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Song Name: Tatala Saikate

Official Name: Kahe Visayi Mana

Author: Vidyapati

Book Name: None

Language: Maithili





tātala saikate bāri-bindu-sama


tohe visari mana, tāhe samarpala

ab majhu habo kon kāje



mādhava! hama pariṇām nirāśā

tuhuń jaga-tāraṇa dīna doyā moy

ataye tohāri viśoyāsā



ādha janama hama ninde goyāyuluń

jarā śiśu koto-dina gelā

nidhuvane ramaṇī rasa rańge mātala

tohe bhajabo kon belā



koto caturānana mari mari jāota

na tuyā ādi avasānā

tohe janama puna tohe samāota

sāgara laharī samānā



bhaṇaye vidyāpati śeṣa śamana bhoy

tuyā vinā gati nāhi ārā

ādi anādika nātha kahāyasi

bhava tāraṇa bhāra tohārā



1) O Lord, completely forgetting You, I have offered my mind unto the society of women, children, and friendsóbut  this experience has been just like offering a drop of water unto the burning hot sands of the beach. How can I possibly be relieved of this great misery?


2) O Madhava! As a consequence, I am rendered totally despondent. You are the savior of the universe, and are merciful to the helpless souls. Therefore, I place my hope only in You.


3) Wandering about in a half-alive condition, I spent my life in utter disgrace. Uncountable days passed as a frivolous child and a useless old man. I have been intoxicated by the pleasure of sharing romantic adventures with beautiful young women. When will I ever get a chance to worship You?


4) Numberless Brahmas have died one after another, whereas You are without beginning or end. All of them take birth from You and are again absorbed in You, just like the waves in the ocean.


5) Vidyapati confesses than now, at the end of his life, he is fearful of death. O Lord! There is no shelter other than You. You will always remain celebrated as being the Lord of both beginning and the beginningless. Now the responsibility for my deliverance from the material world is entirely Yours.



Srila Prabhupada sang this song in one of his unedited bhajan tapes (Tape 35).


UPDATED: January 24, 2017