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Song Name: Tum Meri Rakho Laja Hari

Official Name: None

Author: Sura Dasa

Book Name: None

Language: Braja Bhasa





tum meri rākho lāja hari

tum jānata saba antarayāmī karanī kachu na karī



avaguṇa mose bisarata nāhi pala china gharī gharī

sab prapańca kī poṭa bāńdh kari apne sīs dharī



dārā suta dhana moha liye hauń sudhi-budhi saba bisarī

sūra patita ko bega udhāro ab merī nāva bharī



1) Please protect my honor, O Hari. You know everything, O Omniscient One. The doer does not do anything.


2) I am unable to be redeemed of my faults as each moment passes. I carry a bundle bound of this worldly existence upon my head.


3) My friends, sons, wealth, attachments, and everything I own have left me. The fallen and destitute, Sura Dasa, begs to be delivered. Now my boat is filled (i.e. my life will thus be completed).



This song is popularized by Jagjit Singh’s performance of this song during the concert at ISKCON Hare Krishna Land Juhu in 1994. It was rendered in Raga Misra Jhinjhoti in Dadra Tala. It can also be rendered in Raga Asa or Mand in either Tintala or Dipchandi Tala.


UPDATED: July 5, 2016