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Song Name: Tunhu Se Rahili Madhupura

Official Name: None

Author: Govinda Dasa Kaviraja

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali




tuńhu se rahili madhupura

vrajakula ākula, dukūla kalarava,

kānu kānu kori jhura



yaśomatī-nanda, andha sama baiṭhai,

sāhase uṭhai pāra

sakhā-gaṇa dhenu, veṇurava śuniye,

vichurala nagara bājāra



kusuma tyajiyā ali, kṣititale luṭata,

taru-gaṇa malina samāna

mayurī nācata, kapotī bolata,

kokilā karatahi gāṇa



virahiṇī rāī, virahajvare jara jara,

caudike viraha hutāśa

sahaje yamunā jala, āgi samāna bhela,

kahatahi govinda dāsa



1) O Krsna-candra, now You are staying very far away in Madhupuri, in Mathura. But what is the condition of Vrndavana? All the Vrajavasis, in great pain and distress of separation, are calling, Kanu (Krsna), Kanu! Where are You? Even the birds are calling. But there is no answer, only an echo. All are weeping and are about to die.


2) Yasoda-maiya and Nanda Baba are crying so much that it is as if they have become blind and cannot see any more. They are only sitting and crying. They have no strength and are like skeletons, unable to even stand up. They are about to die because they are not cooking. For whom will they cook? And all the cows and Your friends where are they? Because they cannot hear You calling them on Your flute, the marketplaces and the roads are all deserted no one is there!


3) Even the bumblebees, which were so busy collecting honey, are now so upset they have left the flowers. They are crying and rolling on the ground in the pain of separation. All the trees look so drab and distressed. The peacocks are no longer dancing, the pigeons are no longer singing, and the cuckoos are silent they are not calling, Koohoo, koohoo, any more. All are feeling so much pain of separation.


4) Srimati Radharani is burning up in the fever of separation. In all directions, everyone is sinking in the ocean of separation from You. Even the Yamuna, whose waters arenow made of the tears coming from the gopis, does not flow anymore. This is the condition of Vrndavana! Govinda dasa tells this sad story.



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UPDATED: July 4, 2009