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Song Name: Yadi Gaura Na Hoito

Official Name: None

Author: Vasudeva Ghosa

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali





(yadi) gaura nā hoito, tabe ki hoito,

kemane dharita de?

rādhāra mahimā, prema-rasa-sīmā,

jagate jānāta ke



madhura vṛndā-vipina-mādhurī

praveśa cāturī sāra

varaja-yuvati-bhāvera bhakati

śakati haita kā’ra



gāo gāo punaḥ, gaurāńgera guṇa,

sarala haiyā mana

e bhava-sāgare, emana dayāla,

nā dekhi ye eka-jana



gaurāńga baliyā, nā genu galiyā,

kemane dharinu de

de vasur-hiyā, pāṣāṇa diyā,

kemane gaḍiyāche


1) If Lord Gaura had not appeared as the yuga-avatara in this age of Kali, then what would have become of us? How could we have tolerated living? Who in this universe would have ever learned about the topmost limits of loving mellows that comprise the glory of Sri Radha?

2) Who would have had the power to render ecstatic devotional service that follows in the footsteps of the damsels of Vraja? Indeed, the clever expertise of the Vraja-gopis is a prerequisite for entering the supremely sweet forest of Vrnda Devi.

3) Oh, please sing again and again of the glorious qualities of Lord Gauranga! Just try to keep your heart simple. Not even one person within this ocean of nescience has ever seen such a magnanimous personality as He.

4) Even though I chant the holy name of Lord Gauranga, somehow I still have not melted in ecstasy—how then have I maintained the burden of this body? How has the Creator fashioned this body with a stone in place of Vasudeva Ghosa’s heart?



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