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Song Name: Gopinath Amar Upaya

Official Name: Upalabdhi Vijnapti Song 3

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Kalyana Kalpataru

Language: Bengali




gopināth; āmāra upāya nāi – I have no means of success; tumi kṛpā kori' – having bestowed Your mercy upon me; āmāre loile – if You take me; saḿsāre – from this world; uddhāra pāi – then I will obtain deliverance.



gopināth; poḍechi – I have fallen; māyāra phere – into the perils of material illusion; dhana – wealth; dāra – wife; suta – and sons; ghireche āmāre – have surrounded me; kāmete – absorbed in lust; rekheche jere – is wasting me away.



gopināth; mana – the mind; je – which; pāgala – is crazy; mora – my; nā māne – it does not care; śāsana – for any authority; sadā acetana – always senseless; viṣaye – in worldly affairs; ro'yeche – has remained; ghora – the dark pit.



gopināth; hāra – defeat; je – which; menechi āmi – I have accepted; aneka jatana – all of my various endeavors; hoilo biphala – were totally useless; ekhano – now; bharasā tumi – You are the only hope.



gopināth; kemone – how?; hoibe gati – shall I make any advancement; prabala indriya – the powerful senses; bośī-bhūta – has come under the control; mana – my mind; nā chāḍe – and does not abandon; viṣaya-rati – its attachment to materialism.



gopināth; hṛdoye – in the core of my heart; bosiyā – after sitting down; mora manake – my mind; śamiyā – subduing; laho – please take me; nija pāne – to Yourself; ghucibe – will be relieved; vipada ghora – the horrible dangers of this world.



gopināth; anātha dekhiyā more – seeing me so helpless; tumi hṛṣīkeśa – You are Hṛṣīkeśa, the Lord of the senses; hṛṣīka damiyā – controlling these senses of mine; tāro'he – oh please deliver!; saḿsṛti-ghore – from this dark and perilous worldly existence.



gopināth; galāya – around my neck; legeche – is fixed; phāńsa – the noose of materialism; kṛpā-asi – the sword of Your mercy; dhori’ – taking up; bandhana chediyā – and cutting this bondage; vinode – this Bhaktivinoda; koroho dāsa – make him Your humble servant.


UPDATED: June 8, 2017