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Hare Krsna Mahamanatra Notations


Welcome to the Notations for Vaisnava Songs on KKSongs! While KKSongs Vaisnava Notation Page contains many bhajans, there was a need to include possible tunes to sing Hare Krsna. There are so many tunes and the possibilities are quite endless. Therefore, these tunes will not be known by singers who sang it, but rather the raga that the tune is based in. No lifted tunes will be included.


Raga Ahir Bhairava

Raga Asavari 1

Raga Asavari 2

Raga Asavari 3

Raga Bagesri

Raga Bhairava

Raga Bhairavi 1

Raga Bhairavi 2

Raga Bhairavi 3

Raga Bhairavi 4

Raga Bhimpalasi

Raga Bhupali 1 (fast)

Raga Bhupali 2

Raga Bilaval (Prabhupada Pranams, Panca Tattva, Mahamantra)

Raga Bilaval 1 (often used in tulasi kirtans)

Raga Bilaval 2

Raga Bilaval 3

Raga Bilaval 4

Raga Darbari Kanhada 1

Raga Des

Raga Dhani

Raga Hamir

Raga Hindol

Raga Jhinjhoti

Raga Jogiya

Raga Lalita

Raga Kafi 1

Raga Kafi 2

Raga Kausikdhvani

Raga Khamaja 1

Raga Kirvani

Raga Malgunji

Raga Malkauns

Raga Madhyamad Saranga

Raga Megha

Raga Puriya Dhanasri

Raga Ragesri

Raga Sivaranjani

Raga Yaman


UPDATED: May 17, 2010