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KKSongs Kartal Tutorial     

While the kartals seem insignificant as far their study is concerned, there is no denial of its importance to musical compositions, in general. It is concerned to be the backbone of a kirtan or bhajan. In order to accompany properly in bhajans or kirtans, it is important to know what rhythm to use, how to play it without sounding out of control. Since kartals is not as advanced as the tabla or khol, this will be a very brief tutorial with kartal thekas.





Lesson 1: Introduction and Basics to Kartals

Lesson 2: Understanding Rhythm and Notation



Lesson 3: Keeping Time

Lesson 4: Four Matra Cycles

Lesson 5: Three Matra Cycles



Lesson 6: Accompaniment (I): Sam

Lesson 7: Accompaniment (II): Starting Before the Sam

Lesson 8: Accompaniment (III): Starting After the Sam

Lesson 9: Accompaniment Etiquette


UPDATED: September 12, 2017