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Sri Nrsimhadeva


Lord Nrsimhadeva (nara + siḿha = human + lion) is the most fiercest incarnation of the Lord, who came to protect His pure devotee, Prahlada Maharaja, against the tortures of his evil father, Hiranyakasipu. While He is feared by the demons and non-devotees, He is worshipped with love and reverence by His devotees. His prayers are chanted after the āratī ceremony to beg for forgiveness for any offenses that might have happened during the ceremony.


His appearance day is celebrated on Nrsimha Caturdasi.


The prayers to glorify him are found on this page: Namaste Narasimhaya (Sri Nrsimha Pranama).


To read the glories of Lord Nrsimhadeva, please read Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 7.


UPDATED: June 4, 2017