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Song Name: Dhanya Dhanya Vraja Vadhu Dhenu

Official Name: Obeisance 40 Verses 160 to 164

Author: Sanatana Goswami

Book Name: Krsna Lila Stava

Language: Sanskrit





nitya-pūrṇa-mahā-bhāgya vrajauko-mitritāḿ gata







prema-bhaktārpitāśeṣa ghoṣa-vāsi-mahā-ṛṇin









atyānanda-muhur-nāma-kīrtana brahma-vandita



1) O Krsna, You satisfied and delighted the cows and the gopis of Vrajabhumi, who are the most fortunate of all fortunate living entities. O Lord, You are eternally full of great auspiciousness, and You are the friend of the residents of Vraja.


2) O Krsna, You granted great happiness to Lord Brahmawho desired the association of the residents of Vrajabhumi. Lord Brahma desired to take birth as a blade of grass in Vraja, so that he would become touched by the dust of the lotus feet of the great devotees who were born there.


3) O Krsna, You grant Yourself tot he devotees situated in pure love for you, and You feel greatly indebted to the residents of Vraja. Simply because of the external appearance of affection, You gave Yourself to the demoness Putana.


4) O Krsna, those who have given up this material world are able to attain You, and those who are attached to this world cannot. O Lord You are embarrassed by Your great debt to Your friends in Vrndavana for their kind activities to You as You play the role of their son etc.


5) O Krsna, even the humble devotees who consider that they are very foolish, and whose minds are pure, cannot understand with their minds or with words the great extent of Your opulences. O Lord, to whom Lord Brahma offered respectful obeisances, one attains great bliss simply by constantly chanting Your Holy Name.



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