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Song Name: Avinayam Apanaya Visno

Official Name: Sri Visnu Satpadi

Author: Adi Sankaracarya

Book Name: Brhat Stotra Ratnakara

Language: Sanskrit





avinayam apanya viṣṇo damaya manaḥ

śamaya viṣaya mṛgatṛṣṇām

bhūtadayāḿ vistāraya tāraya

saḿsāra sāgarataḥ



divyadhunī makarande

parimala pari bhoga saccidānande,

śrīpati padāravinde

bhava bhaya khedacchide vande



satyapi bhedāpaga me nātha!

tavāham na māmakī na stvaḿ,

sāmudrohi tarańgaḥ kva ca na

samudro na tārańgaḥ



uddhṛta naga nagabhi danuja

danuja kulāmitra mitra śaśidṛṣṭe,

dṛṣṭe bhavati prabhavati na bhavati

kiḿ bhava tiraskāraḥ?



matsyādi bhir avatārairava

tāravatā sadā vasudhāḿ,

parameśvara paripālyo

bhavatā bhava tāpabhīto 'ham



dāmodara guṇamandira!

sundara vadanāravinda govinda!

bhava jaladhi mathana mandara

paramaḿ daram apanaya tvaḿ me



nārayaṇa karuṇāmaya!

śaraṇaḿ karavāni tavakau caranau,

iti ṣaṭpadī madīye

vadana saroje sadā vasatu



1) O My All Pervading dear Lord Visnu! Please remove my haughtiness and destroy my pride. Kindly control my mind. Quench my insatiable thirst for mirage like illusory pleasures of the world. Spread compassion widely in my heart for all souls in Your creation. And please rescue my soul from the endless ocean of continuous birth and death.


2) O My Lord Hari, the Beloved of Sri (Laksmi)! My sincere salutations to Your Holy Lotus Feet! Your feet are like the beautiful, tender, fragrant, nectar filled Lotus flowers! The nectar is in reality is Ganga Devi, which has its origin from Your Divine Feet.

The fragrance of Your Transcendental feet is the full of truth, knowledge, and bliss. The bliss bestowed upon the souls by Your Lotus feet is the mitigation of the sorrows and fears of mundane world.


3) O My Beloved Lord!  It is very true that the waves belong to their origin, the ocean, though they seem to appear different from the ocean simultaneously. Qualitatively there is no difference between the ocean and the waves. But still there exists the difference. Since the origin, sustainer, and destroyer of the waves is the ocean, waves cannot exist without the ocean. Similarly, there is simultaneous oneness and difference between the spirit soul and Supersoul, Thus, I can say that there is no difference between us as I only exist in relation to You. Truly speaking, I belong to You and You are my origin, sustainer, and destroyer but never vice versa.


4) O my dear Lord Krsna! You have lifted Govardhana Hill on Your little finger to save Your devotees! You have appeared as Lord Vamanadeva, the distant brother of Indra, the King of demigods, to rescue him.  You have vanquished many demoniac and atheistic persons at different times! Your eyes are like the most powerful blazing Sun and the most pleasant and coolest Moon! With all these considerations in mind, there is no doubt that Your mere Graceful Glance itself is capable of dispelling all my worldly attachments! So, kindly look at me at least once with Your merciful eyes!


5) O Supreme Lord of the Universe! You have always assumed many different Divine Forms like the Lord Matysadeva (the fish incarnation), Lord Kurmadeva (the tortoise incarnation), Lord Nrsimhadeva, and Lord Varahadeva just to save the Mother Earth from many calamities. Now, You can easily rescue me also from the material existence. Please My Lord, save me, as I am extremely fearful and anxious!


6) O my dear Lord Damodara! O Temple of Divine Attributes! O Govinda, Transcendental joy of all the senses! O Beautiful Lotus-faced Lord! O Capable Destroyer of the Ocean of Birth and Death! O My Supreme Personality of Godhead! Please extinguish all my fears about this distressful mundane existence.


7) O My Lord Narayana! You are full of unlimited Grace. I sincerely take refuge at Your Lotus Feet. Let this glorious lotus-like six-versed prayer, entitled the Bumble-bee (Satpadi) reside for ever on my mouth!



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