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Devotional Songs

KKSongs Songs Lyrics Page (The home of over 1,300 devotional song lyrics: Search song by first words of the song)



KKSongs Authors Index (Alphabetical listing of all authors on with their respective songs lyrics)

KKSongs Authors and Texts Page (Main page for information on Authors and Texts by the Vaisnava acaryas)

Biographies Page (Index of the biographies of selected authors featured on

Four Authorized Successions of Disciples (Survey of the four successions of disciples, with links to songs and author pages)

KKSongs Krsna Consciousness Page (A good introduction to Krsna Consciousness including a Temple Bhajan Guide and FAQs page)

Song Purports Page (Compilation of purports of devotional songs written by various authors)

KKSongs Vaisnava Calendar (Interactive calendar with information and dates of the major holidays)

KKsongs Vaisnava Literature Page (Synopses of well known Vaisnava texts, epics, and detailed and linked outlines of songbooks)


Krsna Consciousness, Philosophy, and Culture

Deities (Typical altar set-up, explain personalities found on a Krsna Conscious altar, and Deity worship.)

FAQ: Krsna Consciousness in a Nutshell (Most frequently asked questions about Krsna Consciousness, practices, and core principles.)

Temple Bhajan Guide (Listing of the songs sung at various times at a typical Gaudiya Vaisnava temple)


Mantra Meditation Page (introduction to the Hare Krsna mahamantra).

-      Hare Krsna Mahamantra (explains the origin of the Hare Krsna mahamantra.)

-      Japa Page (gives information on how to chant privately with a rosary, known as the japa mala.)

-      Purports of the Mahamantra (contains purports and essays written by previous acaryas in the Gaudiya Vaisnava succession about the mahamantra.)

-      References of the Mahamantra (contains scriptural references of the Holy Name.)

-      Ten Offenses in Chanting Hare Krsna (discusses the offenses to guard against while chanting Hare Krsna, including the original verses from the Padma Purana.)


Audio Page

KKSongs Audio Page (Links to listen to original KKSongs music, while consist of bhajans, kirtans, and instrumentals in Indian style)


Video Page

KKSongs Video Page (Watch devotional videos and music lessons)

Ramayana Video Page

Mahabharata Video Page


Vaisnava Calendar

Vaisnava Calendar (Information on the lunar calendar, the Vedic vs. Vaisnava systems of months, and festivity and Ekadasi dates: Chicago, IL, USA based)

Ekadasi (List of Chicago dates of Ekadasi during year, in addition to information about Ekadasi.)

Vaisnava Holidays (Index of Vaisnava holidays including the date of observation (based on Chicago’s position), with information about the holiday.)

Vedic Year (Guide on measuring time throughout the year based on months, sub divisions of the month, and the lunar cycle in the Vedic perspective.)


Indian Music Pages

KKSongs Music Center (Center page where all links for musical content of KKSongs can be found)

KKSongs North Indian Page (Page about North Indian music)

KKSongs South Indian Page (Page about South Indian music)


KKSongs Esraj Tutorial (Introductory tutorial that teaches how to play esraj)

KKSongs Harmonium Guide (Full length guide that teaches how to play harmonium)

KKSongs Instruments (NI) (Information on North Indian musical instruments with audio clips)

KKSongs Instruments (SI) (Information on South Indian musical instruments with audio clips)

KKSongs Khol Guide (Full length guide that teaches how to play khol [also known as “mridanga”])

KKSongs Melakarta Chart (SI) (Listing of the seventy-two melakarta “scales” of the South Indian musical system)

Melakarta Purport (SI) (Detailed explanation of how the melakarta system of South Indian music works)

Musical Notations (NI) (Information on the notes of North Indian music)

Musical Notations (SI) (Information on the notes of South Indian music)

KKSongs Ragamala (extensive database on ragas [melodic forms] of North India with introductory guides)

KKSongs Sitar Tutorial (Introductory tutorial that teaches how to play sitar)

KKSongs Tabla Guide (Full length guide that teaches how to play tabla)

KKSongs Talam Page (SI) (Introduction to the fundamentals of South Indian rhythm)

KKSongs Talamala (extensive database on talas [rhythmic forms] of North Indian with introductory guides)

KKSongs Tanpura Page (Introductory tutorial that teaches how to play tanpura)

KKSongs Vaisnava Melodies Page (Harmonium/SRGMP notation on how to play the most common Vaisnava songs)

Vocal Forms, Ornamentation (NI) (Information on North Indian singing styles with forms and note ornamentation)


Languages and Pronunciation

KKSongs Language Index (Center page on languages and pronunciation information)

KKSongs Languages and Pronunciation Guide (Links of all languages featured on Each language contains links to all the lyrics of that language)

KKSongs Site Glossary (A glossary of terms and names used throughout all aspects of the site)


KKSongs Bengali Guide (Teaches one how to read Bengali, based off knowledge of reading Devanagari)

KKSongs Bengali Pronunciation Guide (Interactive pronunciation guide for Bengali with audio clip included)

KKSongs Brajabhasa Pronunciation Guide (Interactive pronunciation guide for Brajabhasa with audio clip included)

KKSongs Devanagari Guide (Teaches one how to read Devanagari [script used for Sanskrit, Hindi, etc.])

KKSongs Indian Scripts (Transliterations of songs lyrics in either Bengali or Devanagari scripts)

KKSongs Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide (Interactive pronunciation guide for Sanskrit with audio clip included)

KKSongs Song Synonym Guide (Word-for-word translations of the most common Vaisnava songs)



KKSongs Articles (Original articles about devotional songs, Krsna Consciousness, or Indian music)

Contact KKSongs Page (allows one to send e-mail to the KKSongs Administrator)

KKSongs Guestbook

KKSongs Links Guide (Links to a KKSongs Sitemap and links outside of which are worth checking out)

KKSongs Resources Page (Information with software and components necessary to view this site properly)

Webmaster’s Corner (biography and personal section of the KKSongs Administrator)


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